Beauty Business


Beauty Business is a comprehensive platform designed to support medical and aesthetic surgery professionals by enhancing their online presence, facilitating patient acquisition, and offering benefits like group purchasing, efficient contract and claims management, and the opportunity to become a Competence Center for Complications.


Extended Reach to Potential Patients

Doctors and clinics can significantly increase their visibility and reach thousands of potential patients through an optimized profile on the Beauty Business platform. This platform attracts a large number of patients seeking medical and aesthetic services, thereby enhancing the likelihood of being chosen for treatments​​.

Enhanced Online Presence

An attractive and complete profile on Beauty Business helps in building a strong online presence, crucial in today’s digital world for being found by potential patients. Detailed information about services and expertise allows patients to make informed decisions, making it easier for them to contact and choose the doctor or clinic for their needs​​.

ClinicProtect Tailor Made Patient Protection

ClinicProtect offers tailor made collective protectio. Clarity for all patients, providing a sense of security against the financial risks associated with aesthetic operations. This not only helps in maintaining a trust-based relationship with patients but also positions the doctor or clinic as part of the financial solution in case of complications​​.

Cost Savings through Group Purchasing

The BB-GPO Beta Program allows organizations with similar interests, such as doctors, surgeons, and clinics, to pool their purchasing power. This collaborative approach can lead to significant cost savings, improved procurement strategies, and risk minimization through reliable supplier partnerships​​.


Efficient Contract and Claims Management

Beauty Business facilitates the registration of contracts and claims, including collective contracts for collective protection. This reduces administrative workload and ensures clarity and protection for all patients, streamlining the overall process of contract management and claim handling​​.

Competence Center for Complications

Doctors with extensive experience and a low complication rate can apply to become part of a Competence Center, highlighting their commitment to the highest quality standards. This opportunity allows them to contribute valuable expertise to patient care, especially in managing and correcting complications​​. read more…