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offers comprehensive insurance cover for follow-up costs that may arise after aesthetic procedures, including medical and aesthetic complications.


Lipedema is not yet considered a disease by many health insurance companies. They do pay for a range of treatments, but rarely for surgical procedures such as liposuction – even though these procedures would be most effective against lipedema.


Because beauty shouldn’t be a risk! Your non-surgical cosmetic treatment deserves the best protection. Play it safe so you can fully concentrate on your radiant results.

Doctor & Clinic Services

Extended Reach to Potential Patients

Doctors and clinics can significantly increase their visibility and reach thousands of potential patients through an optimized profile on the Beauty Business platform. This platform attracts a large number of patients seeking medical and aesthetic services, thereby enhancing the likelihood of being chosen for treatments​​.

Enhanced Online Presence

An attractive and complete profile on Beauty Business helps in building a strong online presence, crucial in today’s digital world for being found by potential patients. Detailed information about services and expertise allows patients to make informed decisions, making it easier for them to contact and choose the doctor or clinic for their needs​​.

ClinicProtect Tailor Made Patient Protection

ClinicProtect offers tailor made collective protectio. Clarity for all patients, providing a sense of security against the financial risks associated with aesthetic operations. This not only helps in maintaining a trust-based relationship with patients but also positions the doctor or clinic as part of the financial solution in case of complications​​.

Cost Savings through Group Purchasing

The BB-GPO Beta Program allows organizations with similar interests, such as doctors, surgeons, and clinics, to pool their purchasing power. This collaborative approach can lead to significant cost savings, improved procurement strategies, and risk minimization through reliable supplier partnerships​​.


Efficient Contract and Claims Management

Beauty Business facilitates the registration of contracts and claims, including collective contracts for collective protection. This reduces administrative workload and ensures clarity and protection for all patients, streamlining the overall process of contract management and claim handling​​.

Competence Center for Complications

Doctors with extensive experience and a low complication rate can apply to become part of a Competence Center, highlighting their commitment to the highest quality standards. This opportunity allows them to contribute valuable expertise to patient care, especially in managing and correcting complications​​. read more…

Supplier Services

BeautyBusiness Portal

The Beauty Business portal is a comprehensive solution for strategic clinic purchasing: fast, easy, and entirely digital. Mediation of providers and doctors/clinics in the fields of aesthetic surgery and aesthetic medicine.

Extend Your Reach

With over 3600 doctors and clinics actively participating in the beautyprotect network across Europe, suppliers have a unique opportunity to significantly expand their market presence. This vast network offers suppliers direct access to a large and diverse group of potential clients in the medical and aesthetic surgery sector.

Volume Sales

Participation in a GPO often leads to volume sales opportunities, as group purchasing allows healthcare providers to consolidate their buying power. This can result in larger orders for suppliers, improving sales metrics and revenue potential.

Increased Visibility

Suppliers gain increased visibility within the beautyprotect community. This heightened presence can attract more attention to their products and services, enhancing brand recognition and reputation among a highly relevant audience.

Market Insights

Suppliers can receive valuable feedback and market insights directly from their healthcare clients. This information can guide product development, marketing strategies, and service improvements, ensuring that offerings meet the specific needs of the medical and aesthetic surgery market.

Competitive Advantage

Being part of a GPO can provide suppliers with a competitive advantage. Access to a dedicated platform like beautyprotect allows suppliers to stand out in a crowded market, highlighting their commitment to the healthcare sector and aligning with the needs of medical professionals.