Why Wearing Compression Garments is Key After Plastic Surgery

Written by Dr. Evelyn Sterling

Dr. Sterling is known for her compassionate demeanor and personalized approach, taking the time to understand each patient's unique concerns and expectations. Her dedication to patient satisfaction and safety has earned her the trust and loyalty of countless individuals seeking cosmetic enhancement.

After plastic surgery, following your surgeon’s care instructions is crucial for a smooth recovery. One essential part of these instructions is wearing compression garments.

What are Compression Garments?
Compression garments are specially designed clothes made from stretchy, breathable materials like nylon and elastic. They’re worn after surgeries such as breast augmentations or tummy tucks to support healing. These garments come in various sizes and styles for different body parts, providing comfort and aiding in recovery.

Benefits of Wearing Compression Garments After Surgery
Your surgeon will provide a medically approved compression garment for you to wear after your surgery. It’s important to wear it continuously, except when showering, for the period recommended by your surgeon. Here are five key benefits of sticking to this advice:

1. Reduces Swelling: Compression garments help control swelling by applying constant pressure to the surgical area, speeding up the healing process and allowing you to see your results sooner.

2. Decreases Bruising: They also reduce the chance of bruising by preventing blood from accumulating under the skin.

3. Minimizes Scarring: While your surgeon will try to minimize visible scarring, wearing a compression garment can further reduce scar appearance by flattening and softening the area.

4. Improves Comfort: Made from elastic materials, these garments provide support without compromising comfort or restricting movement.

5. Lowers Infection Risk: By promoting blood circulation and wound healing, compression garments also reduce the risk of blood clots and infections.

How Long to Wear Your Compression Garment
Typically, you should wear your garment both day and night for one to three weeks, depending on your surgeon’s advice. It’s okay to remove it for cleaning, but try to wear it as consistently as possible for the best results.