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Complication Insurance For Cosmetic Surgery

The success of cosmetic surgery depends on many factors. However, complications can always occur for which you or your doctor cannot be held responsible. In this case, it is important to be covered by complication treatment insurance.


Follow-up insurance or complication treatment insurance from beautyprotect ensures that you do not have to pay for follow-up treatments or corrective surgery yourself. It covers all types of consequential medical damage, gives you a free choice of doctor and guarantees a quick payout.




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Beautyprotect offers comprehensive insurance cover for follow-up costs that may arise after aesthetic procedures, including medical and aesthetic complications.

Lipedema is not yet considered a disease by many health insurance companies. They do pay for a range of treatments, but rarely for surgical procedures such as liposuction – even though these procedures would be most effective against lipedema.

Because beauty shouldn’t be a risk! Your non-surgical cosmetic treatment deserves the best protection. Play it safe so you can fully concentrate on your radiant results.

We are a dedicated company focused on comprehensive protection for aesthetic treatments.

In 2007, we have created the first financial safety net for patients who wish to undergo aesthetic surgery. 

Absolutely top! They keep their promises and the staff are just as friendly, very courteous and extremely fast! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for everything. I can recommend this insurance company to everyone. Thanks for everything!!!!!!

Sabrina F.

Wonderful contact, everything went smoothly WITHOUT any fuss or problems. Received feedback on everything within 2 days at the latest. Really great!!!
Many thanks for everything, especially to Ms. Bloch and Ms. Scholz.
I can really recommend them to anyone.

Hasret Ö

Very competent and friendly advice … I had a complication after my breast augmentation and beautyprotect was on the spot immediately… And covered all the costs incurred without any problems… Highly recommended… Thank you very much for everything 😊 😊 😊 😊 And I will be using the insurance to cover myself for a very long time… Keep up the good work… L. G Nadine Many thanks for everything, especially to Ms. Bloch and Ms. Scholz.
I can really recommend them to anyone.

Nadine H.

Leader in the European insurance industry for complications

Years of experience protecting certified plastic surgeons and their patients

million EUR have been paid out by beautyprotect to date for complications, offering substantial financial assistance to our patients


of all claims are settled within 24 hours.

EUR, possible costs of a complication


5 star reviews

Enhancing Beauty, Ensuring Care

Comprehensive Solutions for Every Step of Your Aesthetic Journey

Patient Solutions

Comprehensive insurance cover for follow-up costs that may arise after aesthetic procedures, including medical and aesthetic complications.

Doctor Solutions

Beauty Business is a platform offering insurance products and services tailored to the beauty industry, including ClinicProtect for collective patient protection. Enhanced free online presence for Doctors and clinics and opportunities for patient acquisition.

Product Producers

Be part of the Beauty Business GPO Shop, Purchase of clinic supplies. Our strategic purchasing department for clinics and numerous other healthcare facilities.

Ongoing Projects & Initiatives

Complication Competence Centers

“We are very excited about all the work beautyprotect has done for our business. They completely changed the way we think about complications with the new Complication Competence Centers.”

Quality Matters

Good quality is rarely something we regret – especially when our businesses and livelihoods depend on it.

For a thriving aesthetic practice, or a prominent clinic in the beauty industry, quality is most noticeable when it isn’t there – but by then it is usually too late.

Award-winning Customer Experience

Contract Management

With Beautyprotect’s efficient contract management system, healthcare professionals can effortlessly add, remove, or modify patient insurance contracts, ensuring streamlined operations and enhanced patient satisfaction.

Complication Competence Centers

Professional help exactly when you need it: Our expert centres for aesthetic complications are at your side if you have any uncertainties or questions after a cosmetic procedure.



Claims Management

Using Beautyprotect’s platform, medical practitioners can quickly register complications, facilitating immediate compensation. This process ensures minimal disruption to clinic operations, offering a swift resolution and financial assurance in the face of unexpected medical outcomes.

Reduce Cost with ClinicProtect

Transparency, openness and detailed information form the basis for a relationship of trust between doctor and patient. With ClinicProtect, you also have the opportunity to convey a sense of security, at least as far as the financial risks of an aesthetic operation are concerned.



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